• Village Hall and Star Theater
  • "Uproot" from the 2008 Sculpture Trail
  • Enormous Octopus at Cherry Valley Kite Festival, 2008 Photo used with permission by Bret.
  • Cherry Valley Radio Players perform "Christmas With a Twist", a humorous look at the holiday.
  • "Lions" from the 2008 Sculpture Trail
  • Giant Cone at Cherry Valley Kite Festival, 2008 Photo used with permission by Bret.
  • "It's a Wonderful Life" performed by the Cherry Valley Radio Players
  • Cherry Valley Kite Festival


Cherry Valley Artworks has grown into a flourishing cultural resource, not only for Cherry Valley but for the surrounding communities as well, celebrating the rich artistic life of the area and providing access to outstanding performances at The Star Theater, art installations, exhibitions, classes, dances, films and joyful community gatherings. Each season brings exciting new offerings as well as highly anticipated recurring events like The Cherry Valley Summer Sculpture Trail, The August Concert Series and The Cherry Valley Kite Festival. 

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